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TaxBrain – Is It Right For You?

TaxBrain is an online tax service that has been around for a number of years and has had sufficient time to favorably prove itself. Tax Brain allows tax payers to prepare their taxes and then file them with IRS and their respective states while makes the entire process quick and easy.

Is Tax Brain right for you?

TaxBrain Tax Preparation SoftwareThe following is a list of some of our review points for TaxBrain’s outstanding features that will help you decide whether your answer should be a conclusive “Yes” or “No” or an indecisive “Maybe.”Tax Brain avails tax payers, through its Quick Access, a twenty four hour tax refund loan (RAL) program that gets them money (up to their total federal tax refund) within two days. Tax Brain offers this option at some of the lowest fees in the online tax preparation and filing business.

Tax Brain offers tax payers the option of getting their tax refunds directly deposited into their accounts or via conventional paper checks.

TaxBrain Online offers its tax payers the same high rated loan processing system and is build on the same engine as tax professionals and CPAs have been using nationwide over the last twenty years.

TaxBrain provides tax payers a free tax calculator that can estimate their taxes.

TaxBrain offers tax payers a refund calculator that shows the tax payer exactly how much income taxes they owe or, better still, how large is their tax refund.

TaxBrain supplies tax payers with a W-4 calculator that assists in deciding how much to withhold for the most efficient future return.

TaxBrain Online Tax Preparation

TaxBrain provides its tax preparations at no cost to the tax payers while it offers filing services at competitively low fees.

TaxBrain guarantees one hundred percent accuracy and safety of all its federal IRS and state tax filing.

TaxBrain is user friendly and simple to use.

TaxBrain makes its live customer service and technical support available at no cost to tax payers and these are based in the United States.

TaxBrainTaxBrain features an extension center for extending tax preparation and filing for tax payers who need more time for their respective tax returns. This option is offered at no cost to the tax payer.

TaxBrain is the only online full tax service that has been authorized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) since 1989.

TaxBrain has been featured in the national media such as USA Today, Smart Computing, PC World, CNN and others.

TaxBrain Competitive Advantages

Guaranteed Security You Can Trust

TaxBrain Guarantees the safety and security of their online service. Your personal information is always secure.

Easily e-File you Return with the IRS

You can get your federal tax refund the fastest way possible when you choose to e-File and use direct deposit to deliver your refund directly to your checking or savings account. TaxBrain is a authorized IRS e-File provider, and e-File is free to use when you prepare your tax return online with TaxBrain.

Access Prior Year Tax Returns

TaxBrain's online tax service provides access to prior year tax preparation documents going back as far as 5 years.

Prepare your State Return

Prepare, complete, and file your resident and non-resident state tax returns when you prepare and e-file your federal tax return. TaxBrain offers e-file and direct deposit for each state that has it available.

Income Tax Calculators

Access to the TaxBrain tax calculators will help you estimate your tax refund and W-4 employee paycheck withholdings so that you can manage your tax liabilities all year long. Make sure your not paying too much - or too little!

100% Accuracy Guarantee

If the TaxBrain online tax program makes a calculation error in the preparation of your tax return, they will pay the penalty & interest.

Get Your Refund Fast With TaxBrain

When you e-File and select direct deposit you can get your refund the fastest way possible. If you file your taxes by mail, it could take up to 6 weeks to get your refund.

TaxBrain is always FREE to try and you only pay when you choose to print or e-File your tax return. TaxBrain Features Will:

  • Save you time when you file your state taxes with your federal return.
  • Provide access to free live chat, phone support and secure email.
  • Guarantee your data is secure and your tax return is 100% accurate.

Hassle Free Payment Option with No Out-of-Pocket Fees!

The Hassle Free Option at checkout will help you deduct your TaxBrain fees from your federal tax refund, no need to pay ahead of time. Get the balance processed via refund transfer and delivered to you with direct deposit!

  • Deduct Your Tax Preparation Fees Directly From Your Tax Refund
  • No Credit Card is Required
  • Direct Deposit is Available with E-file

Now that you have been informed and enlightened about some of what Tax Brain can do for you, you will be able to make an education decision and answer the following questions intelligently—Is Tax Brain right for you?

I believe that it might be but the final and ultimate decision is for you and only you to make. Good luck!

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