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TaxAct Tax Software Review

With so many online tax preparation software packages at your finger tips it cannot possibly be easy to decide on one over all the others. They all seem to be promising the same easy process with the same results of safety, security and accuracy. So, how will you ultimately pick one? How can our review help you decide if TaxAct is right for you?

Well, I have an idea but let us first look at Tax Act in detail:

Tax Act online guarantees one hundred percent accuracy as it is programmed to alert you of any errors, omissions and discrepancies.

Tax Act online guarantees that you can prepare and file your taxes fast and easy because it is user-friendly from start to finish.

TaxAct Tax Preparation SoftwareTax Act online guarantees that your tax preparation and filing is completely and one hundred percent free with no rebates, hassles or gimmicks whether you file via the conventional paper method of electronically.

Tax Act online is one hundred percent made in the United States and is likewise supported in the United States.

Tax Act online was developed by professional accountants and experienced CPAs who are familiar with all the intricacies of income tax.

Tax Act online has been around for ten tax seasons and has had sufficient time to work out all the glitches and kinks of the program.

TaxAct Affordable Tax SoftwareTax Act online has facilitated over twenty three million tax returns and this number is expected to grow significantly this coming tax season.

Tax Act online does not leave you wondering about your refund because it is visible to you on your computer screen at all times while it is continually updating automatically.

Tax Act online poses easy-to-understand questions in plain-English and as you answer, the forms get filled out automatically.

TaxAct online has all the IRS forms and schedules required for your income tax return. You will never need to scramble in search of tax forms.

TaxAct online gives you the option of importing the previous year’s data thus saving you time while cutting down on the possibility of errors in data entry.

TaxAct online transfers and calculates all your data from the federal tax forms onto the state tax forms and it all happens instantaneously by design of the program.

TaxAct online gives you the option of directly linking to J.K. Lasser’s “Your Income Tax,” which is America’s number one best selling tax guide. There you will find answers about tax deductions and credits, explanation of the complex lax laws, lists of recent tax law changes, income tax filing tips and pitfalls to avoid as well as year-end tax strategies.

TaxActTaxAct online will advise you how to best handle significant life events such as marrying, having children and buying a home as related to your income tax issues.

TaxAct online offers thorough instructions about every form and guidance with each question.

TaxAct online makes use of the latest computer technology to protect your personal information by; a) utilizing SSL 128-bit encryption, b) complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard that is espoused by all the major credit card associations and c) carrying the TRUSTe Privacy Seal Program certification to guarantee confidentiality of all your personal information, including your e-mail address.

TaxAct online allows you to check the status of your return any time and as frequently as you will.

Review Your Tax Return With TaxACT.

You can review your income tax return manually as well as using the Alerts feature in TaxAct, which contains the ability to identify missing or incomplete information that be conflicting and may bring your return to the attention of the IRS for further scrutiny. Plus, you will be alerted to any possible tax saving opportunities that you may have missed such as deductions and credits.

Manually Reviewi your Return

You can manually review all your entries in Tax Act by clicking on the "Basic Info" tab. From there you can simply click "Continue" through each part of the return and visually check and review your entries for accuracy.

You can also skip to any section within the return that you need to review by using the navigation tabs. You can just click one of the tabs desired to begin the review of that overall section.

Printing Your Tax Return In Tax Act

Security of your personal information is always protected and a printed copy of your TaxACT Online tax return is only available by securely signing into your account with your username and password and printing it yourself.

By using your online account, the printing process will generate a Portable Document Format (PDF) file that can be viewed and printed as needed.

IMPORTANT: You must first have Adobe Acrobat Reader® installed on your computer to view these documents.

Printing Your Return is Easy!

  1. Go to TaxACTOnline.com.
  2. Click on the green Sign In button in the upper right corner of the page
  3. Enter your Username and Password for your current year's return -OR- click on Access Prior Year Returns

If you have forgot your username or password to your TaxACT Online account, you may still gain access to your account by following these easy steps. From the sign-in page click links next to Username or Password.

  • Click the Forgot your Username link, enter your email address, and click Continue.
  • Click the Forgot your Password link, enter your 2012 username, answer your secret question, and click the Send Reset Email button.

So, is TaxAct right for you? That is, of course, a decision you should make for yourself. But I can tell you one thing—it is definitely right for me.

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