2018 - 2019 Tax Software Reviews, Tips, and Tools

Online Federal Tax Preparation Discount Promotions for 2018 - 2019

There's a definite benefit that comes from using top rated tax software for your online tax preparation. With the tax season comes stress for a lot of us, especially if you know your going to owe more of your hard earned income for taxes.

Choosing a quality tax software brand is the sure way to avoid confusion and poorly formatted tax preparation that does little more than increase your blood pressure.

Fortunately, we can as Affiliate Marketing Members of top rated tax software brand, offer discount deals on online tax preparation products.

Consumer reports have shown, there are two tax program brands that have been at the top of customer satisfaction surveys for decades. TurboTax the #1 selling brand along with H&R Block the #2 selling brand continue to increase ease of use for their products. This in turn boasts well for the general public using these online tax software programs. In this case, everyone wins.

TurboTax Online Federal Tax Filing Discounts

Early tax season deals are often the best prices on tax preparation discounts that you will find. TurboTax has presented their promotion for the 2018 - 2019 tax season that offers $20 or more off online tax preparation.

H&R Block Online Federal Tax Filing Discounts

For the start of the tax season H&R Block offers online tax filing discounts as well. This is an early tax season promotion as well although H&R Block's discount prices generally hang around longer than TurboTax promotions do.

Online tax preparation software brands generally include the following editions for tax preparation.

  • Free Tax Software Editions: Free editions are a good choice for tax filers with simple 1040EZ/A tax return needs that don't require extensive guidance.

  • Basic Tax Software Editions: Basic editions offer import abilities to speed up the tax filing process. Included is extended support, and home tax deductions.

  • Deluxe Tax Software Editions: Deluxe editions give you control of claiming every deduction you can qualify for along with charitable donation tracking.

  • Premium / Premier Tax Software Editions: These top tier editions are good choices for self employed and business owner tax preparation guidance.

  • Home and Business Tax Software Editions: Get all-in-one solutions for preparing both your personal and business tax returns in one package.

Try one of the TurboTax or H&R Block brands today to see how intuitive and user friendly they can be for simplifying your tax preparation and filing process.

Getting Tax Preparation Paperwork Together

As tax day approaches, most taxpayers start scrambling to gather receipts, W-2 forms and other documents needed to prepare their tax returns. For most tax filers these days, the old paper ledger record books of days gone by are extinct and computer programs have taken over the paperwork.

Now that there is online tax preparation and downloadable software to help you figure out what your tax bill will reveal, there is no need to be buried in paperwork anymore as import capabilities simplify the process.

When tax software providers offer something free, like online tax programs and Smartphone applications that do the work for you, it's easy to get hooked. Now free products may or may not be worth a try when it comes to tax software and your personal needs. Plenty of restrictions apply with the basic programs but, consumers should take advantage of it and not be afraid to try preparing their tax returns themselves. Fact is, there is nothing to lose and you could save yourself $200 [to] $600 in CPA fees by preparing your tax return with do-it-yourself tax software for the 2018 - 2019 tax season.

You certainly cant test every software program and app out there, but many of them make tax preparation easier and more efficient as well. This can save you time and money along the way

Here is a tax preparation list of things to think about when choosing a product for preparing your taxes:

  • Investigate what documents you will need to file your return

  • Make sure the tax preparation website can handle your state tax return as well

  • Check out the consumer reports on the company you plan to use

  • Don't skimp, if a more advanced edition will work better for you, use it!

  • Think about the cost savings you can reap by learning how to prepare for, and take more deductions on future returns

2018 - 2019 Federal Income Tax Preparation Tips

  • Take advantage of early tax season tax preparation discounts, generally the best prices you will see all year
  • Prepare for less year end tax stress with help and knowledge from an federal tax calculator so that you know your financial outcome ahead of time.
  • There are income tax deductions available for just about every tax filer, make sure you choose a product that can help you find each one you can qualify for! Over 97% of households don't take advantage of every deduction. Use a top rated tax software brand to insure you will not be passing up some of these yourself.
  • Top online tax preparation programs offer Free, accurate and guaranteed tax calculations on your tax return. Truth be told, you should be using a free tax calculator to estimate your taxes several times a year to avoid unfriendly financial surprises.