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E File Taxes Online
eFile Tax Return

Since e-filing taxes sprouted just a few years ago, filling taxes has been made so much simpler and less intimidated for taxpayers to efile tax returns free who utilize this option. My hat is off to whoever thought of it and off again to whoever developed it—thank you!

Besides simplifying tax filing and removing the intimidation factor, e-filing has been proven time and time again to be much more accurate. As a matter of fact, the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) has been reporting a less than one percent error rate on returns which are e-filed. That is phenomenal especially when considering that over seventy million tax returns have been e-filed in 2006 and the number of e-filed tax returns is expected to grow considerable this tax season for 2007.

IRS efileE-filing provides fast tax refunds as well as the security of direct deposit into your bank account in just ten days instead of the usual six to eight weeks for mailed-in tax returns. If you wish to get your full refund amount in twenty-four to forty-eight hours, refund anticipation loans are available.
Conversely, if you owe additional taxes, you can still e-file them as early in the season as you wish and use the delay payment option up until the due date. For added convenience, you can also authorize an electronic withdrawal of funds from your savings or checking accounts or you can use the credit card of your choice.

You need never worry about your tax returns getting lost or delayed in the mail when you e-file because this is the only method of tax filing that gives you an official receipt. Furthermore, you save money on postage and the inconvenience of fighting the crowds that appeared at the post office for the same reason as you have—to mail their tax returns. You can even choose to have your efiled tax return refund directly deposited in your bank account.

There have been strong forces that attempt to enlist all of us to move closer or join the Green Movement or any number of other environmental movements which have been established to, among other issues, protect trees. E-filing uses no paper that is produced from trees therefore, it is environmentally correct.

The e-filing system has been programmed such that it is capable of combining all the relevant information that you have entered and files the federal and the state tax returns simultaneously. You will not need to repeat, reenter, or duplicate any information.

The following is a quick tutorial on how e-file works:

You start your return by answering easy-to-understand questions and enter your tax data as prompted. Please note that if you e-filed the previous year, you can import it at any time. Additionally, you will have access to online guidance and customer support, all the necessary forms and you can always take a break and return at a later time.

How to Prepare and efile Your Tax Return


E-filing your tax return involves reviewing your entries, selecting your desired refund or payment option, and then e-filing your return with IRS. You will also have an automatic error, accuracy and omissions checking available to you.
If you used the “Continue” button when advancing from one page to the next, your last page will be the End of Interview Questions. You need to click the “Continue” button on that last page and it will lead you through the final few steps to file your returns.

You are done.

In conclusion, e-file taxes is the quickest, most convenient, most accurate, most secure, most environmentally correct method for filing your tax returns, and is available to individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, all types of corporations, estates, trusts and nonprofit organizations. Why everyone does not e-file is a mystery to me.

efile Tax Software Choices

e-file with a commercial tax software program

Do it yourself tax preparation. You can buy tax preparation software either over-the-counter or online from reputable tax software companies like TurboTax Online or H&R Block At Home to prepare your own return. Once you have completed the tax preparation process you simply press send to e-file. Your return is sent through safe and secure channels, not via e-mail. Prices do vary, so shop around (or use Free File).

e-file through a paid income tax preparer

Find a tax professional you trust like H&R Block local tax professionals to prepare and e-file your return. Almost all professional tax preparers use e-file now and many are now required by law to e-file. However, it's still a good idea to advise your tax preparer ahead of time that you want the advantages of e-file. Your refund can be received in a much shorter time, and you can have it direct deposited into your bank account. Or, if you owe, more payment options are available to help you quickly and easily pay your taxes owed.

Everyone can e-file Individual tax returns for free

Almost 100 million taxpayers opted for the safest, fastest and easiest way to submit their individual income tax return last year. Nearly 1 billion taxpayers have e-filed Form 1040 series tax returns safely and securely since 1990. E-file has become the normal way to submit your tax return to the IRS.

Now, with Free File, consumers can file Form 1040 series tax returns for free!

Free File companies have their own eligibility criteria, but an Adjusted Gross Income of less than $57,000 is a common requirement. Other eligibility criteria may include your: age, state of residence, eligibility for the Earned Income Tax Credit, and military status. Check the company's website of your choice for details since each will have different restrictions.

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