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Like many tax paying Americans, I too own a powerful computer with the latest state of the art technology and the newest and greatest gadget attachments. I turn my computer on before I make my first cup of coffee in the morning and I turn it off after ingesting my sleeping pills at night. My computer stays on and is ready to serve me for an average of ten hours per day, seven days a week.

Professional Tax PreparationUsing my computer I communicate with family and friends, contact professionals and trades people, do much of my shopping, pay my bills, get local and global news, organize my finances, execute my bank transactions, perform lookup and research, listen to music, view movies, and much more. As you can see I do just about everything on my computer except for preparing and submitting my income tax returns.

Knowing that I may be held accountable by Uncle Sam’s scariest and most powerful arm, the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), scares me away from my beloved computer and I rush off to my favorite tax service professionals. For a fee at which I usually cringe but am willing to pay anyway. Firms providing tax services are there to hold the frightened tax payer’s hand while offering guidance through the entire process with useful advice for the asking.

If you are anything like me and would prefer having professionals prepare and submit your tax returns, allow me to tell you about a couple of such establishments.

Professional Tax Preparation Services

H&R Block Tax Professionals

Find an H&R Block Tax Pro Near You!1. H&R Block is based out of the United States and offers consumers the largest network of highly trained local tax preparation professionals that are there to take care of all your tax preparation and filing needs.

H&R Block tax professionals have prepared over 25 million tax returns worldwide, and staffs offices all over the United States as well as Canada, Australia and Brazil. They offer easy accessibility through over 11,000 locally placed tax preparation offices in neighborhoods throughout the United States, as well as another 1,700 overseas.

Ever thought about becoming a tax professional? H&R Block employs over 110,000 tax preparation specialists who work with them every year. With this many employed experts there are always spots to fill every year in different areas of the country. Those that choose this path get:

  • To work for the best in the business.
  • Competitive salaries with opportunities for growth and pay increases with continuing education and experience.
  • Flexibility in work schedules with a career that meets a flexible lifestyle.
  • Competitive training with over 150 continuing education courses taught by Certified Tax Professionals.
  • Career growth with the ability to attain Enrolled Agent (EA) Status by using HR Block tools and resources.

H&R Block Income Tax Courses for Tax Preparation and Seasonal Jobs

Become an H&R Block Tax Professional

H&R Block offers Flexible hours, new skills and extra income to make working in one of their tax offices fit into your schedule easily. Many of their tax offices are open all-year-round as well as during the tax season. As business increases, they new openings to hire thousands of additional part-time and seasonal associates to handle a variety of important jobs that you can be trained for. Seasonal positions are a rewarding experience as it allows you to earn extra income, learn new skills, and possibly pursue a full-time career with the H&R Block professional network.

H&R Block Tax Office Seasonal Positions

Office Leader — overall operation and results of H&R Block retail tax offices.
Tax Professional — establish relationships with clients for yearly assistance.
Client Services — positions for support and interaction with clients.
Administrative Services — coordination of tax school enrollment.
Training — producing H&R Block tax professionals.
Healthcare Services — H&R Block’s new Healthcare Advisor Support.

2. Jackson Hewitt Tax Services is a full service federal and state income tax preparation firm and is the second largest income tax preparation company in the United States. However, it stands out among others who offer similar tax services by having been named by the Entrepreneur magazine, in their January 2008 issue, as the number one tax preparation service for the last fifteen consecutive years.

Jackson Hewitt is a public company traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol JTX, its corporate headquarters is based in Parsippany, New Jersey and it has well over sixty five hundred franchised and company owned offices throughout the United States offering the tools, the expertise and the resources needed during the tax season.

Regardless of the tax payer’s occupation, Jackson Hewitt’s trained tax preparers know the latest tax law changes; they understand any tax situation whether common or irregular and will find all the credits and deductions that every tax payer is entitled to. Each tax payer coming to Jackson Hewitt gets personalized, one-on-one attention and all questions and concerns are addressed with the utmost professionalism and good manners. In addition to federal and state income tax preparation, Jackson Hewitt also specializes in electronic filing (IRS e-file) as well as assisting with other related financial issues.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Services

3. Liberty Tax is a company that provides full service income tax preparation by a team of professional whose priority is customer satisfaction. Liberty was founded in 1997 by John T. Hewitt and with its twenty four hundred offices currently operating throughout the United States and Canada it has been rated the fastest growing income tax preparation firm in the industry’s history.
Liberty Tax provides the following services:

  1. Liberty Tax Preparation ServicesYear-round support. Liberty Tax offices are open all year round to help with taxes.
  2. One hundred percent full satisfaction guarantee or a refund of your tax return preparation fees.
  3. Accuracy guarantee. If an error is found that results in penalties and interest, Liberty Tax will pay them in full.
  4. Free consultation. Tax payers are encouraged to ask all the questions they need and they will not be charge for that extra time.
  5. Audit assistance. If audited for a tax return prepared by Liberty Tax, they will defend it on behalf of the tax payer.
  6. Correspondence assistance. Liberty Tax helps with any correspondence to IRS regarding audits, letters and inquiries.
  7. Free copies. Copies of tax payers’ returns are available to them for the asking at no additional charge

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