2018 - 2019 Tax Software Reviews, Tips, and Tools

Calculate Federal Tax 2018 - 2019

Here it is, tax time, and at the top of the tax season tasks list is to know where you stand with the big man, Uncle Sam.

You can use our simple tax calculator to calculate how much you owe in federal income taxes during the tax season for FREE to keep the stress level down.

Just knowing what your 2018 - 2019 tax liability is, and the size of the obligation you have to the federal government, will help relive the anxiety of the unknown.

It's no doubt a far more frustrating challenge if your uncertain of what your financial liability may be with the IRS.

How To Calculate Federal Tax Liability

To calculate your federal taxes, you do not have to enter any personal identification data, so your identity is kept private.

To do this you just need to answer some simple financial questions like the tax year for which your income was earned, your total net taxable income, and the tax filing status you choose to use, then you're ready to calculate your federal tax liability to determine taxes owed, or even better, how big your refund is going to be.

Calculate Federal Tax Return Often

Taxes are an unavoidable burden, but without planning, your annual tax liability can become very uncertain. Your 2018 - 2019 taxes can be calculated anytime of year.

Fortunately you can eliminate that uncertainty with a quick and simple tax calculation. The best part is, you can calculate federal tax return liability anytime, all the time throughout the year. Keep up to snuff on your federal income tax obligation and how it changes throughout the year.

By calculating your federal tax return status several times during the year you can see how changes in your life and finances effect the amount of taxes you pay. This in turn works as a quality tax planning feature by allowing you to address your changing tax liability by qualifying for additional tax deductions or investing in tax deferred investments like IRA accounts.

Use the tax calculator below to calculate your income taxes owed, or tax refund amount due for the 2018 - 2019 tax season.

Calculate Federal Taxes Owed

You Can Use Our Federal Income Tax Calculator To:

  • Find out if you can reduce your paycheck withholdings and still get a tax return refund or come out even.
  • Calculate Income Taxes for FREE to determine your Internal Revenue Service financial liability - or the refund amount you will receive.
  • Calculate federal taxes several times throughout the year to ensure you are on track with saving for (or paying enough) income taxes to satisfy our old buddy Uncle Sam.

Tax Calculator Tips

Using our federal tax calculator above will help you determine your estimated tax liability that you should be preparing to meet. You can also use our tax brackets and tax rates calculator to determine your average and marginal tax rates.

Other factors to consider are Social Security and Medicare taxes which are also calculated into the results with our simple calculator by calculating them individually and adding all three together for a federal tax total. This referrers to all three federal taxing entities including:

  1. Social Security Taxes: which are the same rate for all tax filers
  2. Medicare Taxes: which are based on tax filing status
  3. Income Taxes: which are also based on tax filing status

Once each one is calculated, you can add them together for total federal taxes owed, or refund amount.

Calculating Net Federal Taxable Income

Keep in mind that the income figure required for accurate calculations is your net taxable income. This is your gross income minus any tax deductions or tax credits which are used to lower your taxable income.

This is done in order to owes less money for federal taxes. If you would like to include these deductions and credits in your gross income for calculations, use the TurboTax or H&R Block tax calculators. They are free to use and no personal identification is required. Plus you can enter your deductions and credits with gross income to allow these calculators to determine your taxes owed.

TurboTax - Calculate Federal Taxes FREE

The TurboTax TaxCaster is available for use online, or as a Smartphone application

H&R Block - Calculate Federal Taxes FREE

The H&R Block Tax Calculator is an online multimedia tool for computers, tablets, and smart phones

Calculating 2018 - 2019 Federal Taxes Anonymously

Our Tax Calculator will estimate your 2018 - 2019 Tax Return and any tax refund you will receive. This calculator will be updated annually as the IRS releases the latest figures for each new tax year. These figures include the new tax bracket ranges, as well as the new tax rates and how they apply to the tax brackets.

We offer the use of this tax calculator free of charge, and we do NOT collect any personal information about you. Use it anonymously, Un-tethered, Un-tracked, Un-encumbered. Yup, we're not collecting anything on you. Refreshing! Isn't it?

The general rule here is to try and make your federal tax bill come out at zero! To do that you need to make the proper adjustments on your employee W-4 Withholding from your paychecks. Check out our Withholding Calculator to see if you should submit a new W-4 to your employer.

You should calculate your income taxes prior to preparing your tax return so that you're not in the position of falling into a last minute surprise tax bill.